Our story


It all started when...

Regency Analysis was founded to provide investors with access to bespoke insight, research and intelligence on retail investment opportunities that they could not find elsewhere.


Our Services

Founded by Stuart Jackson, Regency Analysis pulls together more than two decades of expertise across the retail sector to provide up-to-date, high-quality investment advice covering:

  • Future trends in the retail sector

  • Disruptive retail technologies

  • Changing consumer behaviour

  • The future of the high street


About Stuart Jackson

Stuart Jackson is a high-street retail veteran, having worked in almost every area and aspect of the industry.

Stuart began his career working in retail stores as a teenager. Bitten by the retail bug he taught himself everything he could and, after a number of false starts, landed a job at a large London investment bank, overlooking their retail research and analysis.

Changing direction, he then worked for a number of smaller family offices, coordinating investment in retail on behalf of individuals and families.

Regency Analysis is the culmination of Stuart’s experience and provides investment advice, insight and trend analysis to investors in the UK, Europe and the US.

Contact Stuart directly at stuart@regencyanalysis.com.